My AP Music Theory teacher was giving an oral exam and he asked me how many sharps in the key of f minor?

Well, technically its none, its a flat key, but I was thinking quick and answered 8 sharps; the key of G sharp, as it would work, but is it correct? Please tell me what you think.
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That's right? What are you looking for here? Your teacher should give you points, providing he/she knew you were being...uh...a smart ass.
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There are not 8 sharps in F minor.

Like you said "technically" there are no sharps as it is has flats. But there's no need for "technically" in that sentence - there just are no sharps in the key of F minor.

The relative major is A♭- not G♯. G♯ major has 8 flats and it's relative minor is E♯m NOT F minor.

The answer you gave your teacher is just plain wrong any way you look at the question they asked. The reason being if there are 8 sharps then there is no "F" for it to be an F minor scale as the "F" is sharped.

No extra points if I were the teacher instead your answer would give me the impression you have missed a fundamental point in the rules of musical nomenclature, but I wouldn't be too hard on you as it seems you are interested in learning the subject. I could see what you were trying to do and the enharmonic equivalent of Fm is E♯m and does indeed have eight sharps - but that's not what was asked so, you were wrong.
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