I'm currently doing a course at my local radio station and they require us to bring in our own headphones. They are recommending Sony and Phillips cans. Something for around $50 AU. I'm keen to pay up to $150 for a good set.

After hours of researching and reading reviews I still can't choose which ones I like better, but I have narrowed it down to a few.

I need a set that will last me a long time as I would like to continue working at this place after the course is finished.
I also need a pair that are comfortable to wear for about three hours at a time.

This is what I have come up with:

Grados.... SR80i
SR60i I have read that these two are the best you can buy for a low price, so far it seems I would be very happy about purchasing a pair of these, only downside is that the open design causes them to leak sound badly (which has probably got to do with the reason why they sound so good). I need to know if its bad enough for the microphone to pick it up.

KOSS ..... PRO4AAT What I really like about these is that they have a lifetime guarantee, and apparently they sound great. Look pretty cool too and have a closed design. Although, perhaps a little uncomfortable.

Sennheiser...... Could not choose one in particular I liked.

Others I have looked into are:

Please tell me your experiences and help me narrow my choices down. The Grados and KOSS at this stage seem to be what I'm looking for. If you can suggest others I'm all for it. Just need a good set that I wont have to upgrade for quite some time.
I've got a pair of PRO4AATs and they're great quality, but they are pretty bass-heavy. I wouldn't use them for mixing, for instance, but for most other applications they're good.
I personally use Grado SR60's during recording and as long as the volume is reasonable, you shouldn't have much sound leak into your tracks.

I would also recommend those headphones greatly, I've personally never heard a sound source in my life that sounds as enjoyable as those headphones.

Personal taste, sure, but I love them.
I really like the Sennheiser's that we have in my college radio station. Plus they are a good price.
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I'd imagine you would want a set of closed back headphones for radio work for isolation purposes.
My recommendation would be the Sennheiser HD280, probably the 64 ohm version unless they've specified otherwise. You're not going to get any sound leak from those.
The Koss ones you looked at are also good.
Audio-technica makes good headphones for their prices, but I think you can do a little better with the cash you've got. I'd stay away from sony and bose for your purposes.
Audio-Technica has a pretty sweet pair for $20. I payed about $50 or so for em a year ago so they were once a midrange headphone. I won a pair of Audio-Technica's noise reducing headphones. They're insanely good quality.
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Don't get Bose, they're extremely overpriced and known to be at the bottom of the barrel in the audiophile world.

EDIT: Ditto to Skullcandy
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Thanks heaps for this guys. So far my thoughts are hovering around Koss, Audio-Technica and Sennheiser. AAAGGH still have no idea.

I just wish Grados offered something that is closed in.

MESAexplorer..... Do you know what model they are?

Even though the Koss may be a little bassy, that lifetime guarantee is still very enticing.

I had a bit of a read about the Sennheiser HD280s, it seems they may be the easiest to find. I'll probably have to buy the others somewhere online which doesn't bother me at all.

I'm not really looking for any 'noise reducing' headphones. I'm in a quiet studio, the main things I need to worry about are.

Sound quality

edit: Ok so Bose and Sony are out. I had a look at skullcandy on their website. They look freaking awesome, no denying who owns those in the studio. They don't show much info on them though. Probly cause they're just a showy piece of equiptment.
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definitely the grados for that price range. if you extended your price range i would also reccomend some akgs or sennheisers. audio technicas are also pretty good too (at least the more pricey ones are). uness you are willing to spend more (than $150) grados are the clear winners at that pricepoint.
^They might be for many applications, but you really want a closed set of cans for radio work.
The 215s are DJ headphones, probably more bass than you want. They're not bad, but the 280s are very flat and won't color what's going into them nearly as much. It's not a big deal, and if you're just going to listen to music through them later you might like the large bass hump of the 215s, but the 280s are much closer to professional standard for radio.

One more thing: google those products before you pay what you just quoted. I found the 280s for $100 and the 215s for 90 with very little searching, so you shouldn't be paying more than that.
Alright looks like I may be going with the HD280 Pro. I can see myself using them a lot out of the studio too. Games, music, standard dodgy computer recording with my band. I'll take your advice and have a look around for a better price. It was JB HiFi that I went to. I have a friend who works there. Can't really trust their advice on gear though. That's why I'm asking you guys. I didn't get a chance to put the 280s on because they had no demo ones. The 215s were enough to impress me anyway.

If anyone has any last min input or advice on why I shouldn't get them let me know.
Anyway off to research prices.

Edit: The prices are in Australian dollars.
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