I've recently moved from Denmark to southern California, and left all my guitar gear at home (except for some favorite picks and a Fulltone OCD.) I found out that I'm going to be here for a while, so I'm getting myself set up with some electric guitar gear that I can hopefully bring back.

I just bought a Schecter C-1 Classic (blue quilt.) It's lovely, almost new, and plays nice, but I don't have anything to plug it into. So..

I'm considering buying either a cheap 5W tube amp which I'll probably have to sell when I go back to Europe in a year, since the electrical system is different. This has the advantage of probably getting a better sound, and I can then buy some effects for it that I can bring back home and use with my Fender Hot Rod 4x10.


I might buy a line 6 Pod of some kind, I'm looking at what's used on craigslist. The cool thing is that they sell Line 6 adapters back home, so I would have no trouble bringing it back. Plus, it provides direct computer recording, which is a huge plus for me, as all I have back home is a SM57 and whatever cheap soundcard is in whatever cheap computer I'm using. I wouldn't have to buy any effects, and I'd get a huge variety of sounds.. But I wouldn't ever get a real tube amp sound, and it might not work so well with my "real" amp back home.

TlR - I need to get something to play my guitar through, should I get a cheap 5W tube amp or a Line 6 Pod (xt/x3/live)?

I'm willing to, and would actually prefer, to buy something used.

Resell value on most music gear is crap, so I'd get the POD which you can take back and use to record.

I've got the XT live and it's not bad. Good for recording, but the distortion on it is somewhat lame. I don't regret buying it to record to the computer, but I'd never gig with it. Ever.
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I've been looking at some used Pod XT Lives, and I can probably get one somewhere between two to three hundred dollars. I'd go with an X3 live if possible, but nobody's selling those used, and in a shop they'd be 550$ with tax, not including a bag or anything..

I'm looking for something to get a good practice sound with, and being able to record would be great. It'd be nice to be able to gig/ do loud jams, but not really a necessity.
get a behringer v-amp 2 ... it will cost you 50 - 60 $ on craiglist and almost everywhere and will do the job until you can get back to your old rig . sound as good as the pod . perfect for home recording ...

if its temporary ... buy the cheapest you can . pod are expensive imo .

if you were to pay for a pod ...i would get a 5 watt tube . i wouldnt pay - 300- 350 for the pod .

the new behringer v-amp 3 is 130 $$$ thats still a reasonable price for a modeling unit .

my v-amp never failed me . i might be interest in trying the v-amp 3 ... they said they have improved the previous model + it has a usb connection .

these moddeling sound good through headphone and soundcard .

but it depend what your looking for .

i still support the 5 watt tube if you can get it for cheap .
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I've actually got a Pod XT live lined up for 240$ - a fairly good price. I've only gotten a chance to try an X3, and that was kinda tricky, since I couldn't figure out how to dial in a good tone standing there in the store, but I've heard some direct USB recordings on youtube that sound decent and veerrrry similar to the artist they're trying to sound like. It might end up unusable with my original amp, but it'll always be a recording option, and a somewhat portable practice amp.