Ok, so over the past few days, I've been putting together my favorite malmsteen style licks and solos, and a few parts of some of his songs. I made what I consider to be an Etude to soloing like malmsteen.
So, I guess, I was thinking about making a youtube video series with each of the little parts of this etude, and then teaching the parts. At the end of all that, I'll play the full song.
So, Overall, do you think this has enough good licks to make a good youtube series.
(PS I know it doesn't flow to good musically, but it's an etude, so it doesn't have to that well. Some licks are mine, and some are yngwie's)
Thanks for reading and listening and reviewing, and please tell me if it's worth making a video series with these licks, thanks.
malmsteen solo etude.gp5