PRS SE Singlecut Trem. This like-new baby has some upgrades, though, including:

Grover Mini-Locking tuners
Seymour Duncan George Lynch Screamin Demon Bridge pickup
GFS Fat Pat neck pickup

I have replaced all cream plastic with black, and ill stick on any set of knobs you'd like; black speed, amber bell, or amber speed.

Comes with an exceptional gig-bag, more like a soft shell case really. Im selling this because it is time for me to fund another USA-made PRS. If you know PRS SE guitars, you will know that this guitar has great figuring in the top- the best i've seen in an SE, but don't take my word for it...

$600 Shipped! MO only. Pm me please

Here are some details.


Current price new WITHOUT THE UPGRADES is $619 plus shipping. Upgrades are worth well over $150, and result in a guitar that is as close to a USA-made PRS as possible. The trem stays in tune just as well as my Tremonti with the new tuners, and the guitar has ballsy distortion, and beautiful cleans. I was sure i was not going to sell this... but i am selling 2 others as well and thought i should just go all out for my next PRS. I have many references available. (also, check out my other spam)