Hey guys!This christmas I'm looking for a new guitar ,so i have some models I've looked at already.
Tell me what guitar would be the best for me. I have some experience with the guitar so i don't want a very high end guitar. My budget is not that much(300-500$), so I won't get better guitars.
I really like Schecter Omen and Damien 6 FR. The Ibanez RG series seems to be good for me, specially RG350EX and RG370EX. I also thought of ESP/LTD's Kirk Hammet Signature low end model(KH-202). I was thinking if Line 6's Spider IV 75W amp was good, or I should look for another amp.Finally, I don't know if I should get an express pedal like Line 6's FBV Express MKII.
I hope you help me decide my new guitar...
I play an Ibanez rg and it's treated me pretty well. And as for the Line 6 I have the Spider III 75W and definitely not good, much better things out there, mine actually got stolen today so I need to get a new amp. But its O.K. after you mess around with it but look around a bit.
I personally would go with an Ibanez RG but that's a preference. I'm a big fan of the Wizard II necks that come standard on most RGs in that price range. One thing to be aware of though is that if you do end up getting an RG with a tremolo, the stock strings are .09. If you put a different gauge on later you'll have to reset the tremolo.
Im biased towards high end ESP LTD guitars.I would go used as you can generally get a really nice guitar for $500, everyone can give you suggestions but you should really just try and play as many guitars as you can. If your gonna order it online or something you should try and play that guitar before hand or atleast a model very similar to it. I would definately not recommend a Spider amp, they sound so digital and like an electronic mess especially with EMGs but thats just my two cents. Anyway the moral of the story is play the guitar you want before you buy it.
what kind of palm muting is best for metal?
cut off some guys hand and place it under the strings. brutal low end bro.
Don't forget to check out the Cort range. They are usually the best value in the low to mid price range. But try everything you can get your hands on and see which has that special appeal for you.
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Thanks everyone. Today I played the RG350EX and I liked very much. I got a chance to play a friend's Schecter, not Damien or Omen, but it was a Schecter. The tremolo and the pickups of the Schecter were really great. I don't know were I can get to play the KH-202, but so far, I liked Schecter the most.
Anyways, thanks for the suggestions and comments!
P.S. What other amps can I get for my price range(amps 200-350$)?