I found a used LTD EX-50 for sale fairly cheap. I've been looking for an Explorer-like guitar for a while, any suggestions? Should I just go for a different model or what?

I've heard that the stock pickups on the EX-50 aren't the best and that upgrading to EMGs was recommended. Suggestions?
Different model, generally anthing under 400 raqnge of ltd guitars are garbage, although the 300 I believe are nice but discontinued I think.

Putting EMG's in it will make it sound better depending on the amp you play it through, but you olish a turd and its still a turd.
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The lead guitarist is playing a LTD EX-50 with EMG's in this, idk what kinda amp but it sounds damn good

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Alright I'll just go for the 401. Sounds like it would be easier then going through the hassle of putting new pickups in anyway.