slip into acacia dense rug
burrow and cut thorn
shut the door, and run.

fall into acacia padded bed
fall asleep while falling
in pillows sharp, and dense.

walk away from acacia plains
with baby birds jetting by
like planes towards the runway.

run towards the dust bowl
free from the free form,
and trees of thorns
like a crown the desert wears
crucified in soul-less conflict.

sprint to legitimate cliches
of realism and purity
and the man under the acacia
writing invective poetry.

use me with need,
symbolize and deceive
forget your soul, we'll never grow.
this one is for you.
One, great use of form. The repetition and line breaks work really well. I'm still trying to decipher some of this though, but it's not a head****.
Well, i had to look up acacia, cause I had no idea what that was haha. Those are badass tree's by the way. I have zero idea what this is about, although I'm pretty terrible at deciphering this style of poetry. Great flow though, seriously one of the best flowing pieces I've read.
Good job.
Acacia is a symbol in freemasonary of the soul and purity, if that helps decipher this at all.
this one is for you.