A Song I Have Been Working On For A While.

Schools a drag to me
It ain't a place that i want to be
I get so bored it isn't funny
I just wanna get out and make some money

What do i do now
Try to get my feet back on the ground
I'll try to make it there
If i don't will you care
Will you care

Unsure what i wanna do
Maybe just stay here and lie with you
Don't suppose you can help me
Maybe lend me a bit of money

I'll get out someday
Maybe even after today
Or after the laughs have fade away
Could you help me today

Sitting here looking at the view
Thinking this is the place for me and you
My you mean so much to me
Do you feel the same about me

Me not knowing how you feel
Is your love for me real
If it isn't i won't care
At least than i can be aware
Aware (Fade Out)
wrote this pretty quickly though was bored and pissed off one day, so whilst listening to some older punk-rock i played around on my guitar :P