How can I improve my reading skills, and not spend so much time on it that all other aspects of my playing degrade? Thanks
i vastly improved my reading skills by just reading pieces of music and not playing along with them, just reading through them to make sure i knew my notes solid. then learn the fretboard and youre golden.
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Sight read stuff you've never seen or heard before. Just get a big book and play through it.

a jazz fake book is pretty good.
If you use torrents there are alot of blues/pop/rock/disney fakebooks you can get that are very very handy for sight reading. I use it all the time!

Theres also a sight reading website... cbf finding it atm. google online sight reading exercise free..

spend 10 minutes each day and look at atleast 1 or 2 pieces. Get your metronome, set it at about 60-70 bpm. and go go go.

EDIT: another good exercise is to get slightly harder pieces, set your metronome slightly faster and just clap the rhythms. This helps too!
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