Hi All - just wondering if you could suggest the best Bach (classical dude - not the 80's hairspray guitarist) pieces to begin with?

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i would start off with some of the stuff from his cello suites cuz the lute suite movements can get pretty tough
im working on learning a Bach piece for school. Invention no. 8 its called. its not too challenging technically, but its mad fast. 126 for a quarter.
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The cello suites can get quite difficult too, but I agree, the lute suites tend to be more difficult.

The fourth lute suite is an incredible piece, but holy crap.... it's hard.

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Boure in Eminor
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im not quite familiar with his chorales but i think they might be easier then the cello suites
Minuet in G sounds great and is fairly simple.
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Minuet in G sounds great and is fairly simple.


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