Hey, what's up yall? Here's a question about which squier to get.

I'm thinking either the Squier Vintage Modified Strat or Squier Deluxe Strat. Both are in my price range, but I'm leaning more towards the Vintage Modified because of the Duncan-designed single coils. Anybody know which guitar of the two would be a better purchase? The reviews on both that I've seen are extremely glowing, and I plan on keeping the pups stock, except for the bridge position, which I'm swapping out for a SD Hot Rails. :]

Any help would be appreciated. BTW, running out of a noname amp, but prolly getting either a Blues Deluxe or a Frontman, depending on how cash flow works. I play mostly Blues, Grunge, with a bit of folk.

Personally I would try and Get a Classic Vibe Squire there the only ones I've played that I liked, or my best suggestion would be check craigslist for a used MIM Fender Strat
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Not going for a MIM start....hate the sound of the pickups, so there'd be no point in getting it then spending even more to replace the pickups, when I can just go for something that I prefer the sound of.

Thanks though...I'll look into the CV Strat.