I have my heart set on getting one of the new Blackstar HT line pedals, tube driven effects = best ever.

Now my question is, should I get the DRIVE? I'll just be replacing my HardWire CM-2 as an overdrive into my amps gain channel.

The intriguing thing about the DUAL though is it seems to be able to do not only overdrive but a clean boost and actual distortion due to the fact that it has 2 separate channels.

So want I want to know is: does the DUAL do overdrive as well as the DRIVE while having a good clean boost and distortion? If the quality is any worse I'll forgo DUAL and just get the DRIVE.

Um what? This is the only Blackstar thread I've ever made let alone in the last few days...

Anyway I'm sure the DUAL is amazing, I'm not questioning that. I just want to know if it boosts as well as their BOOST, and OD's as well as their DRIVE.
ehh I could've sworn you'd made another maybe you just posted in one there's been heaps popping up lately

EDIT: I can't speak for the DRIVE or BOOST models but as the owner of a DUAL I can say it will do what you want very well and more but if you purely want a boost pedal the DUAL is probably not the most financially sound investment i'd try out the DRIVE imo I hear good things about it
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Use with clean channel for metal- HT-DISTX
Use with clean channel for rock- HT-DUAL
Use for boosting amp- HT-BOOST or HT-DRIVE

to me this is what sounds best.

The distortion pedals almost act as preamps imo and sound better when not combined with amp distortion. The boost and drive pedals work nicely for boosting an already driven amp.

It's a shame that they just raised their prices on them though.

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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It's all cool silent, no harm done.

Thanks for the clarification guys, I know someone who will sell me a DRIVE for $85.

If I really think my amp needs clean boost I can always invest in the BOOST later on.