ok so heres the thing i have had my Yamaha starter kit for over a year. Im new at guitar and know nothing of it so when i got this guitar i was very happy
i always knew it would un tune really fast and sound a bit funny but i thought that was just me not knowing the sound of it to well

but then i went to a few stores and played there guitars and they sounded amazing
so i went back to mine and thought it was tuned it would still sound like a flat clown LOL
so i took it to the store and they told me the bridge of my guitar was lose and thats why it was never tuned right

but my guitar came this way and i was just never aware of it
but it has no insurance and the warranty is also up -_-

but this was a problem my guitar came ever since it was made

if i call the company will they change it ?
cuz its really not my fault i didnt know
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Warranty is up, it's not their problem anymore.

but its there flippin fault they gave me something messed up
You haven't mentioned anything that makes me think your guitar is broken, all you've said is "it goes out of tune" and that the bridge is loose - depending on the tye of bridge that could mean anything.

However it's kind of moot because like people have already said it's out of warranty - just buy a new one.
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but its there flippin fault they gave me something messed up

And they'd say it's your flippin' fault for not taking action during the warranty period.
Yeah, the company won't do anything for you now that the warranty has expired.
Can you post a picture of your bridge? It may be that you can fix the problem yourself.
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