Well, to celebrate getting my first "real" job and a source of steady income, I decided to cave and buy myself a bass guitar, which should be arriving this next Monday. I'm not buying an amp just yet, as I need to save some more money to get something even halfway decent.

So, here are the questions.

1.) I know that an electric bass isn't very audible when unplugged. Are there any tricks that could be used to remedy this just a little (maybe playing in a small space, or something like that?), until I can get myself some proper equipment?

2.) My other idea is to play through my computer, using a 1/4" to 1/8" converter to plug it into the mic input. I've done this before with my guitar, without any problems other than the difficulty of EQing it. Would this work with the bass as well, or would the lower frequencies cause a lot of muddiness or distortion? Note that my soundcard is a factory-installed cheapie, nothing special.

That's really all I need. I did hear that playing without amplification can cause bad habits to develop, and I'd rather avoid the nasty retraining period to get over them. Any help is appreciated!
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I practice by myself unplugged all the time (while I'm watching tv etc.) as long as its quiet I never really have a problem. I tend to use a pick while I'm not plugged in though, which helps. Good acoustics in the room might help too I suppose.
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For the first year or so of playing I didnt bother much with an amp, this was until I got my 5 string bass 6 months ago. I generally found that as long as its pretty quiet you can still hear it fine, though its not as easy to hear when using your fingers, but I guess you'll be using a pick at first. Dont go mental over having everything really quiet though, you can still hear it pretty well, basses are suprising instruments
They don't call it an electric bass for nothing. Playing without an amp is good for practicing finger movement.
I suggest playing through your computer. It should work, but you'll probably lose some bottom end.
I've run into my mic in and set the playback volume on there. works well enough if you don't have an amp.
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I play unplugged a fair bit and i find no problem at all if everything else isn't too loud.

When i first started bass i didnt have an amp and i liked to put the headstock up against a cupboard and get a louder sound.
Thank you, guys. You've been very helpful, and I got the answers I need.
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