what i know is that the HR Deluxe is a 1x12 and the Deville is either a 2x12 or 4x10, and the deville is 60 watts while the Deluxe is 40
But I was more curious if there was any difference in controls or tone between these two models
I played a Deville today and I absolutely love it, but the Deluxe is more within my price range, plus the decrease in size might be nice since I already have a pretty big amp setup (looking for a smaller tube amp) I'm just wondering if the Deluxe is anything like the Deville tone-wise, because IMO the Deville is pretty damn sweet, but too much for me
any help is appreciated
Some versions of the Deluxe have more stuff like Vibrato in them, and I like the Reverb on the Deluxe more than most of their other amps. Other than the Super Reverb, of course. Also, the Deluxe comes in several version (like the Mexican one), while pretty much all the Devilles are top-quality.

That said, they're both awesome. It's like trying to decide between the $35,000 BMW and the $50,000 one. Sure the $50,000 one is technically better, but neither leaves anything to be desired unless you're a label shopper.

Plus the extra cash you save could buy a pedal, an extension speaker cab, or even be used to upgrade your cables and the speaker in the amp. Not saying it needs upgrading - it's not perfect, but it is very good - but there's a lot you could do with the extra cash.

Or just put it towards your credit card bill