First off, thanks to all that helped me out in my quest for an amp. Now I'm the proud owner of a nice new shiny Fender Super Reverb RI.

Well, I knew playing the store model that even though I loved the sound of it, the Jensen p10r's had to come out. right now the amp is running through a 212 ext cab. I need some suggestions for 4 10" alnico speakers that are going to give me some good vintage as well as modern country tone. right now this is what I have in mind:

-2 eminence copperheads, 2 emi ragin cajuns
-2 eminence copperheads, 2 emi legend 1058's

I'd like some webers but it is damn expensive for 4 of them ($380-700)

Suggestions? experiences with my choices? experience with others? Open to all ideas. cheers
I would rather be a good liver than have one
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The Copperheads and Ragin Cajuns should soud interesting. You might also look at Celestion's G-10 Greenback speaker.
sounds good. I'll definitely give it a go. anybody else?
I would rather be a good liver than have one