Hey guys,

Me and my band want to do a cover of Muse's "Map of the Problematique" and I'm just wondering about the gear involved for the main guitar effect. I was wondering if you could do it with a Korg Kaoss Pad or a Digitech Whammy and a Korg padKontrol (see it here: http://www.korg.com/product.aspx?&pd=414)

Could you use the Midi out from the Pad Kontrol to control the pitch shift of the Kaoss Pad/ Whammy? Is there a cheaper and/or better option?
I'm planning on investing in a Kaoss Pad at some point anyway, so I'm kind of leaning in that direction even though its more expensive than the whammy. I just dont know what would work best.

If you dont know the song (what is wrong with you?) heres a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyLx0qc_gKc

Thanks in advance.
yeah I thats why I'm hoping a midi sequencer will work. A computer is just extra gear to lug to a gig, plus dont have my own copy of cubase (and I hate cubase). I do have logic 8 and Reason 4, soon to get Protools 8, but a Midi sequencer would fit on my pedal board. Even a laptop would be way more hassel.
I tried it with my GNX4 but I think it's going to take MIDI on top of that. I don't think I can use MIDI off the CF card 'cause that only controls drums.

Obviously the best part of a chaos pad is you can install it directly on the guitar (if you don't mind digging a huge chunk of wood out of it to make room).

Would Cakewalk (like the one that comes with a GNX4) do the same things as the software y'all mentioned? So far I haven't delved into MIDI hardware much yet; just used it to create tracks on the computer or drum tracks for the GNX4 to play
dont have much experience with GNX4s but maybe.
BTW you cant put a kaoss pad in the guitar itself. Its too big. Bellamy has a midi control pad on some of his guitars that had midi out going to his kaoss pad on his pedal board/ in his rack backstage. Thats one of the reasons he has so many battery packs and wireless systems on his guitar strap.