Okay I just rewired my 10 watt amp to its speaker and put it in its combo box again, I had previously taken it out using the combo to head + cab tutorial which was successful, it worked perfectly as a head and cab, so I thought rewiring it would be a breeze, just wire the amp back to the speaker the way it was before, which I did, I used low duty hook up wire (didnt think it would be a problem). anyway, this seemed to work, so I screwed everything up and plugged it in.

This is where my problem happened, it turned on as usual and the red light flashed for maybe half a second and the same time it made a slight bang/boom and the light went off, now if I turn it on or off, its unreponsive. I'm thinking the problem would be the fuse, but I don't really know what to check for and are fuses expensive, according to the back of the combo it uses a 220V 5MM 0.25A FAST -BLO

fuses are cheap. things that go bang/boom usually are not.
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Pull the fuse and see if it's blown. If you can't tell visually, then do a continuity check.

If you don't have a meter, then I don't know what you're doing modding amps, but PM me and I can help you improvise one.
thanks for the help guys, took it apart, found the only place that the fuse could be, (it wasnt anywhere else :P) and it was glued shut, I couldn't get that bit apart but I could see layers of metal and cardboard inside and what I think is a fuse, Theres no real point in fixing it seeing as its a crap amp anyway. even if I could, its too late now as I cut all the wires off and smashed some of the parts in rage :O (kidding, but I did smash some of the parts)

anyway, I've learned my lesson, don't play with shit if you don't know what it does, I'm very interested in electronics and I will be doing more projects, however I will read into everything I do first, until I understand what I'm doing.

thanks for the help.