I'm about to buy my FIRST EVER electric. I have narrowed it down to two, those being:

an ESP LTD EC-50


an ESP LTD M-103FM.

I'm leaning towards the EC-50, as I know my music shop have a relatively cheap one, whereas the 103FM i'll have to order online (postage will be a fair bit!)

anyway, your thoughts? I really only want the M-103FM for the Floyd Rose parts and the whammy bar
personally I'd stay away from a floyd on your first electric as many much more experienced guitarists have problems with them, It's just a lot to get set up right without any room for error
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I would personally go the ESP LTD M-103FM


You can get the ec-50 at your local music shop and avoid buying over the internet/postage/having to wait longer to have it

And you like the ec-50 more...is a whammy bar a must for you?
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