I have serious problem with my marshall 50 amp. When I play in like 1/3 -> of volume [on both clean and overdriven channel] it's starts crackling :/ terrible sound like something is cracking inside of there.

There are 2 things that I should say:
-I had problems with my cable and tho I gave it to repair [meaby it's broken again?]
-Once i took my amp to 'music-room' where was incredibly cold, and It behave like that too. Tho when i brought it back to house, after like 24h everything was ok. And now it was in home all the time.

I'm realy scared about this, so please respond everything you know :/


edit: I just checked it with different cable, then with different guitar. Still the same
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He said NOT to panic...he said NOT to panic! Crackling from the amp leads me to suspect a "blown" speaker. See if the paper cone is torn or damaged, especially around the rim.
Crackling could be a lot of things. Cable, tubes, speaker...what amp is this? How old? etc
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Ok i understund , I'll try to make it as clear as possible. I should show this situation more widely, sorry.

This is Marshall MG 50DFX series. It has about 1 year now and I bought it used for something like 1-2 months. I Have warranty, tho it might be hard to service, because I bought it when I was in Italy and now I live in Poland.

not long ago I played on something lik 3/4 of volume[and max] on both channels and it was ok (like from beggining). [usualy I played in room .. so you know it was something like 1/4 or bit more]

I checked input socket in amp/guitar and everything is ok, also I turned volume control up and down and -> in amp it doesn't change anything
-> in guitar I hear very silent crackling [meaby because more noise = louder crackling ?]

Amp also lay in dry place so there is no chance for condensation :/

Hmm my basic questions are: Do Marshall have services over the world or would I have to pay for transport to shop where i bought it ? And one more thing: My guitarist friend adviced me to buy Servisol 10 or Deoxit D5 and clean jacks&pots, also blast it with compressed air. Will I lose my warranty after screwing out casing ?

Please, ask anything you need I'll try to describe everything.
Thanks and waiting for respond
I see.
So you registered the product on-line and you have a warranty?
You'll have to check on Marshall's web site for where to get repair, can't speak to Poland.
I'm assuming here that the warranty did not transfer to you unless you registered it.
Not sure on shipping.
Your guitarist friend is correct, that is about the only thing you can do if you are certain it is not the insert jacks.
To access the pots you will need to open up the amp, so yes I would think that would void the warranty.
Play your guitar in a different amp and make sure it is not your guitar.
Contact Marshall's customer service maybe and take their recommendation.

No offense, but this particular series of amps have this kind of issue all the time I'm afraid, they just are not made well. With all the solid state technology they use it is very difficult to diagnose and repair. Sorry.

Hope I helped a little bit
any popping or crackling in a SS amp is likely to be either a speaker problem, or a bad connection somewhere... not saying that's all it could be, but those would be the first two things i would look at. I used to have an old crappy zoom multi effect pedal, and for a long time i thought my amp was dying because it would crackle. eventually i found that the instrument jack in my pedal had a crack in the solder joint, and when the cable moved it would wiggle just enough to make my signal cut out for a split second. highly annoying, but ended up being an easy fix.

check the speaker for obvious damage, inspect as many connections as you can. I would have suggested a new cable first, but you say you tried new cable and guitar with no fix. hard to narrow it down really... not without seeing/hearing exactly what it's doing.
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Hmm I have zoom gfx-4 heh, but i Checked it w/ and w/o connected effect and it's still crackling. Tomorrow ill open amp and check all connections. Hope it's nothing horrible to fix .. and not too expensive : )

It started crackling when i played loud.. so meaby some connections are just interrupted and when more power have to come over damaged connection it crackle :/ that's my amatour suspect.



I tried turning controls max/min and nothing changed. Tho I noticed something strange. When i play quiet, everything is allright, there is no crackling - but when i turn it up a lil' bit it start again OR when i hold power chord from like 3rd - 6th fret [even while its quiet] it's start to crackle [loudest chords?] also i turned volume to max, on guitar and amp and i played single notes. What's interesting on e B G strings while playin' single notes on full volume nothing wrong happend. on D A E strings there was crackling. mostly on E.

It looks like louder sounds make it crackle. Meaby it will help to figure out

I've recorded this sound.


First its like like 1/4 volume, as you hear nothing happening,
after that is 1/2 and here comes the problems :| [IRL its even louder, just my microphone sux]

OK I just get a amp from repair. The problem was 'cold solder' in the end of the power. It's hard to translate coz I'm not in the technic stuff but the was caused because of oxidation of the solder, and the oxidation was caused by temperature. It costed me like 25$ to get this work, so , it was quite nice specialist

He recognize it wasn't speaker because when cracking begin he tuned down volume and it was the same loud.

Next when he smash in the cassing of amp with fist it start to crackle. After that he was nearly sure what is going on I'm writing it cos, meaby once it will help somebody. Topic closed!
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