Okay, so for Christmas I really want the Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster with Polka Dots (as it's called on the Fender website). But my mum said if I want it I have to find it the cheapest I can, and if it's over £500 then I have to put £300 towards it. Which I don't particularly want to do. But I will if i have to! So does anyone know where to get it - preferably online - and in the UK?

Here's the link on the Fender website if it helps at all.

Thanks so much if you reply!
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Don't know where but if you look you'll MSRP is $1050.00 USD! So you shouldn't be paying much over that there in Pounds.
Good luck to you sir.
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make sure you haggle with the price, I managed to get £70 of my tele just because I pointed out it had a very tiny mark on the back of it
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That sound like a good price! Basically just the exchange rate with little extra in there for the shipping from the USA!
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