Not sure what the title should be and Im not sure if its even any good.

Have you ever thought------- that
Someone knew you but didnt really know who? --

Well this is who I am and always-- will-- be----
Is this news really that new?

Why think I'm crazy just because I dont care
You and I------- We
Have been at war and we have seen all that isnt fair

Well I've got some news for you

I really don't care

It doesnt pain me to see you
Out of a normal state of mind
All because you couldnt stop
Drinking a ****ing bottle of wine

You made me feel weaker
And I solved that problem by being weaker

I can't believe any of this ever really happened
But I guess it really did happen
oh they are just like possible lines i'd have for a screaming part in a song again its just a WIP. lol i just dont know whats good, what isnt.. lol
i love this line

Is this news really that new?

i don't know why lol, i just do