Lately I've been doing some Yngwie type stuff and I can't decide if I should put my thumb above or behind the neck, so I have been practicing both ways and it seems like kind of a waste of effort, I should probably just decide what way and stick with it. Both seem comfortable to me but I seem to play cleaner and faster behind, the problem with behind the neck is the bends, I have to switch position to get a good grip, that seems to be kind of uneconomical. So I guess always above is the call if there is lots of bends?
I'm over-thinking this stuff.
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I used to play with my thumb always above the neck and it lead to some finger control problems (my middle finger had flying finger syndrome). I'd suggest keeping your thumb behind the neck and only putting it over for bends/vibrato, I do that and it's not at all hard to switch between the two.
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