Hey guys, i currently have a Korg AX3000G which is ok, but im ready to take it to the next level. With the strong Australian dollar the Boss GT10 is very affordable but i'm wondering if single(well chosen) pedals would do a better job. What do you guys reckon? If pedals are better, what brands? I mainly play metal(metallica, megadeth) and some rock(Guns n Roses etc). I hear the Digitech Hardwire TL-2 is good distortion pedal, what about chorus, delay, flanger etc pedals? Thanks guys.

PS i know single pedals will end up costing alot more, but i don't mind paying extra for quality sound.
Maybe an idea to buy a better amp with very nice distortion and some pedals like reverb and delay?
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If you aren't looking to use amp distortion I'd say get the Blackstar DISTX for distortion, get a Fulltone Choralflange on ebay or CL, they are hands down the best chorus/flange sounds I've heard. For delay, there's tons of options. A Boss DD-7 will probably cover most of your needs since the bands you listed use minimal amounts of echo.
What will you be using the GT-10 for? Home practise? Live? Recording? The GT-10 is awesome for practise and live because of its easy of use but if you are going to record I would want better sound quality, and thus single pedals.
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Either get a good amp... or good stompboxes.

MultiFX tend to be too much hassle for what you get.

Unless you have a very good handle on the multiFX... you'll merely end up spending more time trying to nail that tone instead of playing.

That said... if you do get a handle on the GT10, I understand its quite an improvement over the GT6... and if my GT3 is anything to go by... its a very versatile unit.
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