Poll: How do you rate UG?
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20 10%
3 1%
5 2%
6 3%
8 4%
15 7%
25 12%
40 20%
32 16%
47 23%
Voters: 201.
Overall how do you rate UG? You must take into consideration everything the site has to offer such as tabs, news etc. as well as the quality of the online community.

If this thread is disallowed I apologize but I thought It would be good to see how UGers rate, well, UG.
UG as a whole 6/10
The Pit 8-9.5/10 on a good day

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i give U-G a 9 because it has a lot to offer, but sometimes isn't helpful enough.

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9 also
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The Pit can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but othertimes it can be very useful.
The tabs,lessons,and the rest is awesome.
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You're probably the most respectful person in the Pit.
The pit is an 8, i would call it a ten, but quality control has been lacking for the past year or so. Too much trendy 4chan crap.
because of these stupid fictional storys on the front page - 9/10
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It's just a paradise for guitar lovers.

Some things could be improved on the forums, otherwise I love it here.
9/10. I think UG is the best guitar site on the internet.
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I'd have to rate it at least 8. You pick up a lot of useful info from the community on everything. Some people here are really knowledgeable and offer great advice and help with questions, some of them posting thousands of helpful posts over the years...cheers to them!
I say an 8. It's useful and can be funny on it's good days. I just ignore the bad parts.
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UG is very helpful sometimes. but others you wonder why you even asked for help
id say like a 7

They don't wonder why you asked, they wonder why you didn't post it in the right forum/thread.


The ad's can be a right pain and the pit is awful most of the time but other than that. it's usually awesome
i went with three cuz ill look at about 1/10 threads
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Gotta say a 7.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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It varies by the hour almost. Depends on who's online.
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everything other then the pit: 8.5/10

the pit: 4/10

For some reason I can't leave the ****ing pit.
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8 =]
Not too bad, but not friggin' amazing or anythin'.
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UG is the butter on my bread, the cheese in my cake, and blood in my semen.

You should get a doctor to check that out.

But I give UG an 8/10. It could be improved.
The website itself is well designed. I couldn't care less about its contents though.

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over 9000/10


...modes and scales are still useless.

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UG as a whole 11/10
The forums other than the pit 7/10
The Pit 2/10 I hate half of the people that post in the pit. There are a few who I really like though.
UG excluding the Pit - 9. Everything offered by the site is great, but there are certain people who can't have a polite discussion over the internet, and that brings it down a point.
The Pit - 7. If you'd asked me a few months ago it would have been 9, but now all I see is people recycling ridiculous memes and creating ridiculous shoop threads.
🙈 🙉 🙊
I don't really see the problems everyone has with the Pit tbh. I've been a member of forums where the community has been absolutely appalling, where the whole kind of atmosphere is that of "one-upmanship" and smarmy internet nerds are the norm. It's something I rarely see on UG.
The site itself could use improvement in very basic functions like the search bar, I don't even bother with it anymore and use Google to find what I'm looking for instead. The news section could be better, but it's not bad.

I wish they would get rid of really low rated tabs, especially on tabs like Fade To Black where the first full tab has five stars and over 1000 ratings, yet if you look farther in the search you will see a tab with two stars, obviously there isn't going to be anybody using that tab and it just wastes space.
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