I've got 2 cabs. Each with 2 8-ohm speakers. They're currently wired parallel for 4-ohms...
My amp (socal50) has got one 16 ohm output, two 8 ohm, and two 4 ohm. If I want to run this one head into TWO 4-ohm cabs, would I use the two 8-ohm outputs? I'm not sure if the outputs are wired in series or parallel.

If you're running 2 4ohm cabinets, the total load would be 2ohms.

EDIT: after looking at the Socal, you should be fine running both cabs with it. Just connect each 4ohm output to a cabinet...using speaker cable.
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I actually just spoke to Epiphone and the outputs are in parallel. So according to them I'd need to wire both cabinets to 16 ohms and run each one from an 8 ohm output.