i dont rly know about effects pedals what distortion would u recommend in the $50-$100 range?
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Nobody can recommend you anything until you tell us what guitar you have, what amp you have, what your pickups are, what you exact style of playing is and what sort of tone you're hoping to achieve.
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you could always get the basic boss distortion pedal

or if you dont know what to get, buy a danelectro. i got one for like 15 dollars just to get used to having a distortion pedal
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I know it's an overdrive pedal, not a distortion pedal, but if you crank the gain knob and flip from Classic to Modified, you get some pretty heavy gain, works great for pre-Black Metallica and pre-CtE Megadeth. It's also a nice tone for South of Heaven era Slayer, if you EQ it right.

Since you're a "thrash specialist," I thought you'd enjoy that pedal :P
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you could always get the basic boss distortion pedal

They aren't that bad for the price, you can easily find one on Craigslist for around $30. Plus if you get into modding pedals you can keely mod it for an even better tone.

Do what andjustice4allone said.
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I recommend a BOSS OS-2 since it is very versatile and cheap. Also UG has a great set of reviews if you go to the review section at the top and guitar effects.
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:Flameshield: Danoelectro FAB metal. I really didn't think that it would be that great, but I got it anyways and was really suprised at how good it was. It can be a little noisy depending on where it is in your pedal chain, but it has really heavy, thick distortion if you EQ it right.
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