I have an LTD EC-50 with the stock pickups and a Line 6 Spider III amp. Don't go dissing my amp. > I play mostly metal, so it'll sound much better with an active pickup, right? I played with on a guitar with an EMG 81 at a local music store and it sounded great, but it was on a different guitar and a 75 watt Spider III rather than the 15 watt that I have. Does that make a huge difference?

Thanks in advance. :p

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Emgs are overated in my opinion although i do own a guitar with an 81 85 set, but id choose my guitar with duncans anyday, but back to the question i used to have a spider as my practice amp and the emgs sounded great through it! Also in general the emgs will be better than your stock pickups on the ec-50.
Im gonna go out on a limb and say spiders suck

But yeah, EMG's are teh bomb diggity. Just be prepared to change that battery every once in a while
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With any other amp it would make a difference (yeah yeah, I know you don't want me to bash your amp), but the Spider changes too much of the guitars tone that it would sound not much different.

On EMGs in general: I think the LTD stock pickups sound even better than them, because they really deliver the sound of the guitar.

To answer your question: Don't swap, it's a waste of money in my opinion.
it all depends there are so many factors that go into tone and sound but the majority of it is in the pickups and the amp. your amp should be fine my dad actualy plays the line6 spider 3 15watt model and loves it. but if you have an esp guitar active pickups are definetly the way to go to make your tone seer! altho i would recommend the emg 81/85 combo or getting some seymour duncan blackout active pickups (the ones used by mick thompson of slipknot)
They're cool and easier to change from one guitar to another. I prefer DiMarzio's pickups and Suhr's pickups but they're the best active ones out there.
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Get one, you will love it, even through your spider.
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Yeah, definitely - EMG's are made to help you push a TUBE amp into overdrive to help acheive that heavyness and razor sharp cut. - that isn't going to be the case with a 15 watt Spider. Honestly, save the money and get a new amp first - that's the first step in acheiving a good tone. A better guitar would then be your next step - the EC-50 is the bottom of ESPs line. Look into at least ESPs 400 series or better - that's when they start with RELIABLE, great-sounding, quality built guitars.

You could have the most awesome guitar with the most awesome pickups and it would still sound like ass through a spider, whereas you could play a squier strat through a sweet amp and it could win the hearts of even the snobbiest of tone snobs.

And I personally think that EMG81s are VASTLY overrated - they sound cold, sterile, and lifeless in comparison to say, Seymour Duncan passive pickups. Maybe try out some of Duncans hotter pickups like the Invader - or if you're DEAD SET on active pickups (hey man, it's your money...) I'd recommend Seymour Duncan Blackouts 10 times over any EMG product.
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