Hey guys...first post over here. I play acoustic and took some classical lessons...so I know a bit of a way around here. I made a discovery this weekend and I searchbar'd it and nothing came up on the entire site...forums, reviews, or tabs.

Basically I was looking through the garage to find a boom box to play some music for Halloween when I came across one that still had a cd inside. I opened it and saw this cd I'd never heard of. Naturally I listened to it.

I came here to tell those that would appreciate it in the A&C forum that this cd was honestly one of the greatest displays of musicianship I've EVER heard. I cannot explain how awesome this cd is!

The album I speak of is from the band Curandero - Aras.

I seriously urge all of you that appreciate classical guitar to check it out!
It's a combination of awesome flamenco guitar, indian percussion, AMAZING bass playing and even a banjo! Thus far I've only found a little information about it here: http://www.amazon.com/Aras-Curandero/dp/B000000PPR">http://www.amazon.com/Aras-Curandero/dp/B000000PPR

Does anyone know about this album/band I've come across this weekend?!
I guess that's a no. That's unfortunate.

I encourage anyone to check it out. It WILL make an impression on you.