Hi there,

I am having a problem with an output buffer I made to fit inside my moddified v847 wah. The pedal is already wired into true bypass from before. After adding the buffer (I got the schematics from fuzzcentral website), the pedal will pass the unwahed signal when in true bypass, but when clicked on, there is no sound

My thoughts are that maybe I messed up on the grounding. I just send 2 wires from the ground outs to what I believe to be the grounds on 1. the input jack (same post as purple wire), and 2. to the outputjack ground (same post as black wires).

Also I tapped my +9v off the bottom of the pcb board following the red wires path to the first suitable place on the pcb.

Is that right?? Is there a better way to do this? I will include some pics as I realize its hard to explain.

My switch looks like this. 1. Ground 2. Output to PCB 3. Jumpered main input
(I think!!)
4. Main input 5. Main output 6. Input from Pcb

I'll also go back over the buffer itself to see if I missed something there.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ok the +9v is fine. I cut one of the grounds off the input jack ground lug (the one with the purple wire), and I can hear wah! This the ground connector 5 from the output buffer on far leg of the trimpot. I tried just putting the wire against numerous other ground points and the sound always goes away. Now with it disconnected (ground wire 1 is still connected) I can hear the wah, but there seems to be a lot of noise, plus there is a weird popping sound if I rock the wah slowly near the heel down position. Could my trimpot with 3 lugs be backwards? I thought they could work either way..

Again, the output buffer schematic that I used can be found on the vox clyde mccoy section of the fuzzcentral website - at the bottom.

Any ideas?