Hey guys.
I really like the sound Parkway Drive, August Burns Red and Killswitch Engage(The End of Heartache more than the others) get. I play metalcore mainly
I was thinking about going in for a Peavey 6505+ head and a mesa recto 2x12 cab
Good idea ?
I use a Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX
Any recommendations ? Which amps do the aforementioned bands use ?
Is it worth spending the extra money on something like a Mesa Mark V ?
The peavey + mesa should be killer. Honestly though, try this shit out for yourself. Only you can determine if the extra money is worth it for you.
WTLTL 2011
Do you need a good clean tone? The 6505 might not give you that. You should be able to google and see what each band uses....

What's your budget?
Budget isn't fixed yet but preferably not too high. And I'm not a big fan of all the knobs on the mesa's. EQing is a pain.
Cleans are not all that important for me. The occasional clean riff maybe there but as long as they are decent its fine.
And I can't try this out because I live in Bombay,India and the only tubes you get here are Laney's which I am not fond of.
The 6505 sounds like the amp for you then. August Burns Red uses them...not sure about Parkway Drive. Killswitch uses Splawn.
awesome. And the Mesa 2x12 cabinet is good for it right? Mainly for bedroom use, jams and sometimes maybe gigs (though most often we are provided with 4x12 cabs)