thanks a lot mate! a love misery signals, and based some parts on MS actually, taking influences perticularly from their song the failsafe. I also love TEOAT since their 16 year old days and they are a massive influence too haha!
you a TEAOT fan?
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haha yeah!
i quite like a clear perecption actaully, i think its a solid album with lots of great riffs in there but it dosnt capture the same energy as their EP did.
Im not too keen on their newest song though, i guess we will have to wait and see what the album coming up sounds like!
Nice intro..
I feel the influence by bands like MS and TEOAT (love the both and architects as well)
But some parts it feels a bit generic and the lead could use a bit more variety..
I am not really the type of musician that likes repeating parts.. but that's just me :p
Some really cool chords btw

But overall it's a great song man!
keep on the good work

(Btw I really love clear perceptions.. echoes has one hell of an outro )
crit mine?
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