I play a bunch of different music, and i need to know some different musicians amp settings.... Ive looked on google, but yall are more reliable- thanks in advance.
Kirk Hammett
Adrian Smith
Synyster Gates
James Hetfield
Van Halen
Dudes from Rise Against
Lynyrd Skynyrd

Also which wah is best?:
Wah From Hell
Kirk Hammett Sig.
Van Halen Sig.
I figure its hammetts....

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theres a threads around here somewhere with like every guitarist you can think of and a suggestion to get their tone. i cant remember its name though. look around a little
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out of those wahs i know that hammett's wah definatly isn't the best.
its not even that great
he doesn't even use it himself
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check out the ultimate settings thread.


out of the three wahs you chose, I like the dimebag wah. Check out the mxr cae wah. It's miles better than those. cheers
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Please read the rules. They state settings thread are not allowed.

And there is a designated thread to help with your question, anyway.