I've been playing acoustic guitar for 2 years already and now that I have a bit of experience I would like to venture into the electric guitar world.
I want a guitar thats:

- not a beginner, beginner guitar that I will outgrow in a year or so of solid playing.
- my budget is 400 euros, thats about 600 american and 360£. this does not include money for an amp
- I would like some versatility in playing styles. I'm into basically any kind of rock, a lot of more classic rock like Led Zeppelin, ac/dc, old guns, rush but also a lot of newer stuff and a little punk rock and things like john mayer, dont know what type of music that is. Probably what I will least play is really heavy music.
- Looks half decent
- Any brand really. i havent had much time to look myself yet.

Thanks, any suggestions will help
a nice strat, maybe a used american strat or a mexi strat something along the lines of that
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thanks for the replies but I do not really want to buy a used guitar unless its an amazing deal.
i have looked at the washburn W160 and it was a bit above my budget where i was shopping.
You can get an Ibanez ART320, it has active pickups so that could be good or bad depending on your amp. If you like Les Pauls Epiphones are also good or if you prefer strats you can also get a MIM HSS strat. Or an Ibanez RG. There are plenty of options in your price range.

Since this is your first electric do you have an amp, or do you know which one you're getting?
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Definitely get a used higher-end guitar - there's no good reason to go new at this price range.

As for amps, I'd say to look into something like the Peavey Classic series or tube Fenders. Emphasize a good clean channel and decent reverb, since that's the basis for your sound (and you can layer pedals on top later for OD).
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the amp will be nothing special. i have a bit less than 100 euros to spend on one but at the moment I will only be using it in my home and i dont need much power.
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ive been looking around stores the last few weeks. i saw the washburn x100 which was highly recommended for 360 euros.
another store has epiphones and esp.
are esp very concentrated on heavier music? or are they versatile

what do u think? the washburn? epiphone, esp?
Can't you just go to the store and try out different guitars? There's no guitar center-type places where you live? Or just mom and pop joints?

Seriously, if you've been playing for 2 years you should have a pretty decent idea what kind of guitar you want. In your price range there are tons of options, so just TRY them.

P.S. - If you're going to end up buying from a catalogue/online/over the phone rather than in a store, you're an idiot for not just buying used (and better) guitars, unless you absolutely have to have an electric now now now now now.
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no i am not in a situation where I can try any guitar i want. there are very few guitar shops in my area and they generally have the same, overpriced guitars.

yes ive been playing for two years but a nylon string acoustic guitar, much different than a electric.

this is my first guitar. it does not have to be amazing. i do not want to buy a second hand guitar that could potentially give me some problems
Ok, so you're going to buy from a distributor and NOT play the guitar first, but you're afraid of "problems" from a used guitar?

Ok, like what?

Electronics? Buy a $10 soldering gun with the money you saved and fix the problem yourself.

Neck warping? You don't get to try the new one, either, and in my experience with Fenders a helluva lot of the Mexi models had some neck problems even off the shelf.

Fit/Finish/Action problems? ASK THE SELLER. GET PICTURES. You're going to get much more detailed and specific information about the guitar YOU'RE gonna buy from a person selling it 'used' than from a big box store picking it off a shelf.

Besides, action/fit problems can be fixed by spending 30 minutes learning how to set up your guitar, which you should do ANYWAY.

The only advantage I see to buying new is being able to return it - mayyybbe. You'll still pay shipping, but at least it's a sure thing. On the other hand, when you buy used you're already buying at the market price, and can just resell the guitar. You're still losing shipping and probably some fees, but it's not a total loss either.

So... since you're not buying in-store, you lose out on the only advantage buying new can offer: testing and playing the guitar first. I really don't get your aversion to buying used, especially on your budget.


yes ive been playing for two years but a nylon string acoustic guitar, much different than a electric.

Ok, all the more reason to play electrics, even if they're just the overpriced guitars in stores. Find out what kind of neck you like (width, string spacing, contour, radius...), what size frets you prefer, what pickups you like, what weight and distribution you'll want, etc.

If you've already done this and they really don't have enough selection for you to find out what you want, safe bets are:

1) Big frets (easier to bend on, not appreciably harder to chord on)
2) Relatively flat radius (relatively few people like old fender 7" boards; 9.5"+ will better satisfy your needs (ha...)
3) 22 or 24 frets
4) Humbuckers (no hum, can be coil split for 'single-coil-ish' tones, every band you mentioned primarily uses them)
5) Probably a thin neck, but who knows. Opinions vary widely on this.

As for tone, that will depend much more on your amp and fingers than your guitar, and in this price range nothing is so amazing that it'll make up for poor construction. So, buy something comfortable to play.

Just search here:

Magical instrument finding tool

Disclaimer: I have no idea about availability in your area, but consider the budget PRS models, too, especially if they go on sale (like the Custom 24 SE is right now at MusiciansFriend).

Edit: ESPs have a great reputation, though I have not played them and cannot comment on that specifically. But I do play a Musicman Petrucci, which is similarly labeled as a one-trick metal pony. It's not, and I suspect the ESPs aren't either. Versatility is really going to come down to YOU, the player, your amp, and your pickups. You can always buy new pickups down the road, and since your amp is probably going to suck (on a 100 euro budget and a fear of buying used) it's not really gonna matter, anyway.
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Look on the T C Ellis site. Most of the basic models come in your price range and they are definitely 'keepers'. Tim personally sets up every guitar on some very sophisticated equipment so you know it is as good as it can be.
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i saw a gibson sg faded that was on sale so it was closer to my price range.

any thoughts?
^ bullets34. You've been pretty helpful with your posts but there's no real reason to have a go at him for not wanting to go used/being a bit naive and misguided. We've all been there at some point.

A Tua Prima I would advise you to listen to the things that bullets34 said in his post about choosing the right guitar and possibly look used. Aside from condition what you need to do is make sure you pick a guitar with the right kind of sound and playability for you. This is why it is essential to try them out, and also invest a good amount of money in the amp. No matter how good the guitar is it won't sound good through a bad amp (as far as amps go I would recommend buying new, and preferably a small tube amp AC4/HT5/Champion 600, so at least it will sound good).

As for guitars I would say look at Epiphone Les Pauls, MIM Telecasters (especially the 72 Custom Telecaster, which I can find used for £230 here in the UK), and HSS Strats as have been mentioned above.

Your plan should always be this though, go to a good store that stocks a wide range of guitars, try out the guitars you like, every other guitar in your price range, some that are a bit cheaper, and some that are more expensive. Do this and you'll really get a feel for what you're buying/value of guitars/differences between them. Please do this > just buying off the internet.

The same goes for the amp.
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thanks for the replies

i have been trying to get to some guitar shops recently. i was playing around with an epiphone les paul for 400 euros, fender stratocaster mexican though for 530 and the gibson sg faded for 550 and a washburn x100 for about 360 euros.
I might be leaning towards the more expensive gibson. it seems like this gibson is not as overpriced as the others due to the fact that is very similar to the other sg's for hundreds more and i do not mind the cheaper finish on it. it will probably be this one, the epiphone or the washburn that ill get.

what are you opinions about these guitars and mainly the gibson sg faded?
is the gibson worth the extra 200 euros more than the epiphone?
these are the two that im looking at now