As the title says, I was wondering if anybody had any tips on improving and understanding chord rhytm. I've been playing guitar for about 6 months now, I mainly play on electric so I haven't really been concerned with chords untill now. However, I want to try and develop all aspects of my playing and guitar wise I've hit my first "wall".
Basically figuring out the rhytm from chord diagrams and generally seeming to get the feel of a song, as such. I really desperately want to improve on this as it seems so ridiculous that I find something that appears simple to be a challenge.

Many thanks
You need to listen to the song as well.
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Yep, listen to the song over and over and over again. Tabs do not give you much info about the rhythm of the song. Play along to the song, that helps a lot in understand how it is played. Listen to it while looking at the tabs.
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Yes, I should have mentioned that you should listen to the song.... Sorry...I'm semi-new
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It's weird, I do listen to the song, but somehow I can't transfer that to playing. I guess I'm looking for advice on the theory and technique of strumming.
Look for lessons on strum patterns then apply that to your rhythm playing
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Use the guitar pro tabs.

They tell you if the notes are 8th 16th etc... if the tab is made properly of course. It should help.