hey my friend has a dunlop crybaby that he's using as an expression pedal. he said a friend did it for him. anyone know how to turn a wah pedal into an expression pedal?????

also does anyone know the settings for Thomas Erak's fm4? like the way he does that little laser noise as a transition between the verse and the chorus of Semi-Fiction
the wah to expression pedal mod is fairly straight forward

by expression pedal, do you mean he uses it as a volume pedal, or like the expression pedal on a multi-effects pedal.. to control a certain parameter of an effect?

I have no idea about settings, though
ok i need more help. i bought a deltalab DD1 delay and it sounds great but when i try to get those weird oscilation noises by turning the repeats all the way up and twisting the time around, as the knob turns to a shorter time, the volume goes down. anything i can take out or put in to fix that
yeah thats about it...