Would anyone be insterested in it?

Here are the things I should tell you
(I will post some pictures shortly)

-Amber finish. Not sure what year it was. I shall look it up if you want me to. If I remember correctly, it is made in Korea, not China like nowadays.

-It has used mark at the back of the headstock. When I bought it, I was told that the reason was a small dark spot in the paint job under the finish somewhere on the body.

-I removed the pickguard. It has no pickguard, but I left the screws that used to hold the pickguard. You can buy the pickguard easily, but I do not have it.

-The sqaure plastic piece around the output jack is cracked in one corner. It did not cause any problems, and is still pretty solid. If you want to change it, it's just the plastic piece, which is easy to find and replace.

-The Epiphone hard case does look like its used. However, it is still well functional, opens&closes properly, and all the latches are intact.

-I've used this guitar at home and in performance for some time. there may be small scratches. None penetrates the finish though.

Looks like I've mentioned only the bad aspects of the guitar, but it's only fair that way.... The actual guitar is better than I make it sound like.

Since I'm including the hardcase, and considering the shipping that I will have to pay, I am thinking somewhere in the range of 410 to 420.

Tell me if anyone is interested... I'll probably have to sell this before December, as I have to buy a hardcase for my Strat (the strat is why I'm letting my LP go) + a new multieffector.

bump... it's really a decent guitar;

I plan to have this up until December...
Look up the year if you would. I am still interested but I don't want to pay 400 in its condition. Let me know, Thanks!
I will look up the serial number and let you know they year soon.
As for the price, I can't lower it too much since shipping the guitar AND the hardcase in a box would cost a lot.

what price range are you thinking?
just checked the serial number... made in Saein Plant on Oct. 2003