I've been looking through some of the threads on here about teachers. Most people agree its a good idea to have one if you can. However, most of the benefits discussed relate to learning theory. I'm not interested in learning theory from a teacher as I haven't had trouble learning it from books. However, technique is another matter and the thing that I find holds me back more than theory.

Other than perhaps correcting errors in your technique, is there much that a teacher can offer in this area? It seems like if you are executing correctly, then it's simply a matter of repetition.

I'm willing to spend the money if I think I'll get something back, but I've had three teachers so far and been disappointed with all of them.

Anybody have any tips for finding a good teacher? Any questions to ask? Do you ask for samples of their playing? Do you prefer an hour lesson, or 30 mins?
They will help steer your theory learning in the right direction. The only way to improve technique is practice but a good teacher will catch bad habits. When it comes to duration of a lesson how long can you stay focused? if you have a short attention span id recomend 30 minutes twice a week. Also a classically trained teacher will have the chops your looking for.

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1. Time-as long as you can focus
2- classically trained teacher.
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Find out where he learned to play guitar. How long has he been playing. Is he in a band? Does he just teach lessons? Just ask questions.
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