Hey I need to know:

I have the quantum leap symphonic choirs w/ wordbuilder and im playing it through my M-Audio 49 midi controller. I am tryin to record it into my M-Audio Fast Track USB box but im not sure how that works. can anyone answer this for me? It would be a huge help. thanks
The MIDI controller is used only to input MIDI data into a host such as Reaper or Cubase or Sonar, etc... It sounds like maybe you're using EWQL Choirs in stand-alone mode. You need to open it as a VST instrument inside a host program. Then use the MIDI controller to input your notes onto a MIDI track in that program, with it assigned to EWQL Choirs as it's output.

What is your main DAW program?
I mean which main recording program are you using? I assume you have one? The main one you record and mix with. That's your DAW program, and that's also the one you'll open up Choirs as a VST instrument in. They might have a tutorial on EWQL's site for how to set it up. If your DAW is one of them that they have a video for, I'll find it for you and give you the link.
I'm not sure if Session does VST instruments or not. If it doesn't, try Reaper. It will open Choirs and pretty much any other kind of VST instrument as well.