Ok, starting work on my legatto , and I find that on the 12th fret and up area of the guitar, I have to turn on the OD/Dist. to hear the notes when any of my fingers come down on the strings (especially the GBe strings).

Is this normal?

Should I be able to get loud, clear soundings from hammering on from nowhere in that area also?

{via the chat, Colohue said I should be getting a loud clear sound here... is this an action problem, or is it just weak technique?}
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do you think your action is a little low, maybe deadening the notes?

you can try raising them a little.

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Sounds like an action problem to me, or maybe a bow in the neck from the 12th up(just spitballin)

Is it fine from 12 down? Is your pup output decent? (guitar volume on)

Sounds like action tho
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