I really dislike blues, but here's your criticism, as I promised yesterday.
First off, I like the fact that you don't keep soloing and soloing, but that you put in silences. Most of the blues players I know just keep on soloing.
Second, it just ties together very well. You followed all the chords pretty nicely, and didn't play too fast.

Like mentioned above, I like how you let the pauses speak as much as the notes. It makes your soloing a lot more cohesive. If anything, I would say there are some spots where the pauses are too abrupt, and it almost feels like you aren't letting the note speak on some spots. However, the phrasing and note selection is very good. I wish there was a little bit more of a climax in there somewhere, but as a laid back piece, it's very very good. Great job!

Thanks for the crit!