#1: Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded (50's neck, honey burst)

#2: Gibson '76 Explorer (classic white)

Both guitars make the Blackstar HT-5 amp shine, but I think it's time to upgrade. Series One or Artisan? Decisions, decisions....

HNGD! I love the finish on the first, and white explorers are just win.
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it's all coming back

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HNGD you lucky bastard.
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What is a wimp like you doing in a place like this?
DUDE where did you get the cash, i love explorers and in white is just win

i think i just jizzed win
Are you a gibson fan
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Double NGD? I'd have sensory overload and wouldn't know where to begin.
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Nice guitars and cases.

The white fabric in the cases makes me want to fall asleep....those must be some comfy guitars when they get laid to rest.
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2 new Gibsons?! Are you loaded?

I absolutely that Explorer.
HNGD! Ya bastard
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HNGD you lucky bastard.

That's what I thought.
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****ing sexy ass Les Paul and Explorer, Explorers are my favorite guitar model too! HNGD x 2!
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yur just beggin for a robbery arent ya? nah, im jk. HAPPY NEW GUITAR DAY!! thats 2 great guitars there!

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wow! i'd be a happy man for years if i got just one of those, you're going to enjoy the crap out of those i'm sure very nice!
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hngd x 2

so how much of your lottery win have you got left lol.

Lmao agreed!
Jesus of Major ****, can I get that last pic on wallpaper resolution?

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I came.


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Thanks guys! It was really hard to decide which one to play last night, I kept switching between them and trying out amp settings and effects until I realized it was 4am and I was supposed to go to work 4 hours later talk about NGD overload... thank God it's Friday and I have the whole weekend ahead!

And sorry to disappoint some people (including myself), but I'm neither loaded nor have I won the lottery. I just have a good paying job and have been saving. Reality sucks, right?
Get a series 1.

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Very nice set of Gibbys. Did you get them both brand new? Did you get a good deal on them? I would figure if you were willing to get two Gibbys the shop would have given you a great deal. I don't know which one I like better they are both awesome looking. I always seem to get lost in time when playing one of my new guitars especially if it shines.


That Les Paul Finish is my favourite of all finishes
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HNGD's dude. Wow, 2 at once? I woulda probably waited on one so I could pay enough attention to and get to know them individually. But good on you for saving up the cash yourself. Picked out a couple really nice ones. Don't forget strap locks.
Serious changes have taken place in the past month, and after a couple of trades and some extra spendings the Standard Faded is gone, along with a EC-401VF and an Epi Classic Custom. Their place was taken by 2 other Gibson Les Paul: a 2006 Standard and a 2009 Traditional. Gotta love a good Xmas bonus!



all together now:
desert burst = win.

do you prefer the tone from the traditional or standard more?
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desert burst = win.

do you prefer the tone from the traditional or standard more?

In their stock configuration, the Trad. However I'm about to install RS Guitarworks wiring kits and Faber hardware on both, so things might change.
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In their stock configuration, the Trad. However I'm about to install RS Guitarworks wiring kits and Faber hardware on both, so things might change.

me too. i never found gibson hardware or wiring to be all that lacking. but congrats again on the fine additions.

damn that desert burst has a nice top!
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
That explorer is beautiful, never seen such a good looking girl.
I would like to comment on the LP, but my browser won't load the pictures of it. Compared to the explorer, how beautiful is she?

Anyhoo, HNGD X2
that is a pair of very nice LPs!!! loving the explorer too!! HNGD!!!
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