Do you love Satan? Do you love his music? If so, I believe I have some hellish tunes to sell you...

Demesne is a new band of mine and we implore all of you dedicated fans of underground extreme metal to check us out. I think if you enjoy Incantation, Possessed and other similar acts, you might find something you'll like here. We'll finish up recording our debut full length next year.

Here is a MySpace link with our first song online: www.iliketopromotesuckybands.com
A proper website will be up eventually (as well as a more suitable layout for the MySpace page).
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it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
At least tell him where to go.
Go to the promote your band forum.
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I love reporting advertising.

Very well, hopefully someone reposts a thread containing the relevent information if this one gets deleted.