So I built a fuzzface. I took the stomp switch out of a fried dime distortion. When I play and the pedal isn't engaged, I can play guitar. When I engage the pedal, it doesn't make any noise. So Im guessing its the stomp switch. Opinions?
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well, on an electrical viewpoint, if its true bypass, then by activating the stomp it could be ANYWHERE in the circuit thats bad. check your solder points, possibly run thru with a multimeter to check the flow of electricity.
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^ This is exactly correct. It could be any component(s) or a problem with the wiring. You're going to have to go over your circuit to make sure everything is soldered in solid and the wiring is correct. What information did you use to build your pedal? Also posting pics might be helpful.
how do you have the switch wired?

and if you hook the jacks up directly to the input and output of the circuit, do you get sound? ..by that, I mean bypass the switch entirely. just go from the input jack straight to the boards input, and straight form the boards output to the output jack.

because if you've got the switch wired properly, it's more likely that something in the effect/ on the board is wrong..