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+1 Heck Yeah, Son!
26 87%
-1 Nawww daawwg, dat ain't koo dough!
4 13%
Voters: 30.
The Japanese Anime fad has spread to an overwhelming large number of people across the globe. There is even an anime thread in The Pit, which took me by surprise .

Those include instrument players as well of course.

As one of the latter, I recommend a Anime Thread in the Tab Talk Section.

Many of us instrument players that seek the tabs of our favorite shows. Many do it by ear and refuse to tab because of the time consumed. I want this thread to be for all the people who DO have time and ESPECIALLY for the ones who have searched far and wide for foreign tabs. of course requests are allowed posts and links to other sites would be considered and possibly converted in UG tabs(probably by me haha)

I apologize... i was told i should probably PM a mod, but i cant seem to tell who that is lmao. Still a newb to forum system sorry .

Thanks for listening and i hope a thread begins soon. I'm trying to transcribe a few as we speak...

PLEASE VOTE. This is a great site already, lets make it better folks

someone else can take credit if they wanted to do a video games thread... cough cough...
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If you can get a TON of yes votes on this, PM a mod and suggest it on the site suggestion forums.

GL, dude!
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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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We need this, just name it j-rock. (Japanese Rock/Visual Kei)
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Quote by TwinBroz
We need this, just name it j-rock. (Japanese Rock/Visual Kei)

Iono, the thing about anime is that they come in too many diverse languages. Like Pokemon for example, originally japanese anime, but when i was a kid all i knew was the english version.

heck i didnt even know japanese people existed when i was a kid. (yeah im dense lmao)

Thanks for the positive input guys. Some suggestions would be nice too
It's a good idea, and I voted yes, but I have a feeling it would mostly be requests and not much getting tabbed. Maybe I'm wrong since it'll be anime fans in there willing to help each other instead of just everyone together. I hope this goes through!
i love this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it rocks

awsome thread