I've been looking at amps for more than a year but I still haven't found my perfect one. I have some good guitars that were very easy to pick out, but amps seem to be very different. I just keep getting guitars since I haven't found that amp. Is it just a characteristic of amps? I've noticed a lot of people stay with the same guitar for decades, but they rarely do that with amps. Do people normally just settle on amps? I'm having a hard time doing that since they're so expensive.
i think it's about the same once you understand both, it's generally easier to understand a guitar because there are less parts and it's basically, "does it feel/play good to you?". while with an amp you have to consider, portability, tone, volume, durability, reliability and other things. (these i guess still go into a guitar, but if you dont like the tone of a guitar you can always change it)

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Harder to find an amp, definitely. Saying that, I know quite a lot about guitars but crap all about amps so that may have something to do with it.
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Your problem is possibly just your looking at the "mainstream" brands.
Try and find a Cornford, or maybe something like a Suhr - Cornford make increidble amps - the reviews are outstanding, and so is the feedback from mates who've played them.

Ultimately you may have to settle on a few different amps if you want a range of characteristics.
Well, it isn't easy to find an amp on which you can settle forever. I have that problem myself. There are amps which are good for cleans, others for mid-gain and others for high-gain, etc.
If an amp is versatile and can do a lot of tones, it probably isn't as good as an amp which is made for one job.
There are always compromisses you have to deal with to even get an amp. Or you buy many amps and use them for different things, as many people do.
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well i had trouble looking for amp that i was suitable for 2 out 3 band that i play.
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learn a bit about how tubes and speakers govern the tone and your closer to narrowing down what amp to go for