1st question is, why did my other thread get deleted? I got to eat my dinner and i come back to a deleted thread! :<

I've researched some more and, what do you guys think of this one?
It's a good wee amp, but it's kinda, i dunno, difficult to dial in a nice tone, if you play mostly metal then go for either this or the Roland Cube 15X. If your into a more classic rock type tone then go for the Vox VT15. Just stay away from the Marshall MG15 and the Line 6 Spider IV 15.

Hope this helps
its a good amp has some good overdirve on it but i recomend the 30wat one i had the 15 its quit complicated to setup correctly and u wount get a real good clean tone out of it but the 30 watt one has the added bonus of the Peavey Sampera pedal
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I just picked one up on saturday and honestly i hated it at first. Then I turned of all the presets and dialed my own tone in and cranked it and its pretty damn good. Just make sure you play it loud, cuz the tone gets better with volume on this one.
It's the best $100 amp you can buy. It actually gets real good clean tones. And the high gain tones are good too. The mid gain is a little grainy.
RTFM and you will be fine. Short and sweet and will show you how to access the tuner and how to go into FX editing mode.

I have the 15 and dig it. Cool little amp and I've dialed in some sweet tones with it.

But like what Corby said, if you're focusing more on cleans, grab the VT15. But for metal, this does just fine.
Get it if you want any kind of distortion, imo it has great tone for 100$ and you really dont have to play around with that much. i agree with fly135 it also has good cleans too, but the distortion is really sick and by sick i mean great for a solid state. awesome effects too. imo best for the value
Thanks guys!

One more question...
Some of you have said that it's really good for playing metal, etc..., but if i play without distortion, will it still sound good?

P.S. As you may have noticed i'm a guitar amp noob :P
Yes, it will sound good without distortion. That's what people are referring to when they say "clean".
I hae a vypyr 15 and I love the cleans on this amp.
They are pretty good for a $100 amp.
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The Vypyr 15 is pretty good, but if possible get the 30.

Otherwise it's not hard to dial in nice tones, just don't turn the gain up more than about 3/4 of the possible, don't EQ to extremes (like EQ parameters set to 10 or 0, you shouldn't do that on any amp) and don't use much bass because the speaker is pretty dark. I think the speaker of the Vypyr 30 sounds nicer and gives you a more defined tone more easily.
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I plan to get one for my little brother for xmas, he needs a better amp than the washburn bad dog lol. Sounds great for metal especially for 100 bucks.
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I almost bought one today. Up here in Canada they are $139 + 14% tax for the vypyr 15. The music store had a Vox ad30vt-xl that was slightly used. The owner of the store sold it to his friend and his friend played like 10 times, gave up guitar and sold it back to him. It looks untouched. Its in perfect shape. I got it for $180 tax included. The 12" speaker and tube preamp section make this shine and add alot more presence and bass to the sound over the 8" vypyr. I think it was a good deal anyways. lol.
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Thanks again guys

I'm so hyped about getting this amp now!

Again, thanks!