Here's a song I had been working on. Comments are appreciated!

Also, if someone would like to come up with a better solo than what I have written, feel free! Just reply to the thread with an updated version of the song. Soloing skills for me at this point include fast alternate picking and sweeps of up to 4 strings. Sadly, my solo writing skills aren't as good as my playing xD

Also, if there is a good drum tabber out there, I'm begging you to make a better drum part for me!!!!
Life For Life.gp5
I like this a lot, especially the verses 1 and 2 part. Reminds me a lot of Opeth. Something that i would change, if it was me that was writing the song, would to have a slower, but still distorted intro, whilst playing a different riff.
The solo, i feel, was quite good, but seems like it was cut short after the first tremolo dive; you could easily extend it.
The ending was quite effective, and, although it was a short song, the riffs do get slightly repetitive, perhaps you could try mixing them up a bit? (I was being quite the hypocrite then)

I think you've done a really good job of this, as a base of a song, but a bit more fiddling with it and you'd have a really good song!

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Thanks to all who commented on this and helped me out!

I used the drum track in its entirity, and borrowed some stuff from the solo and added it to what I already had. Here's the new GP5 file of the song.

I also changed the intro to a harmony thing just to change it up as someone pointed out the intro riff was kinda repetetive
much better! i like it a lot, i want to hear it if you get it recorded, and i'm glad you liked my drum tracks
Nergal22691, I'd like you to do drum tracks for some other songs I have written if you'd be up for it
just like send me the files or just post them on here or whatever! i love doing drum parts haha
Awesome! I'll finish off my guitar and bass parts and post em. I'll message you when they're up