I find it odd that people name their guitars, but not their amps and pedals. Why? Amps can last just as long, they're arguably more essential to your tone, and they get modded about as often as guitars. Why the lack of names for them?

I admit I just thought of it myself. My guitar's name is Jennifer, but I haven't given my amp a name (If I did at this point, it'd be Piece of Crap, but eh.)

As for pedals, I only like 2 of my pedals enough to give them names, so I think I'll give them names right now.

Ibanez WD-7 wah, I admit that I don't use you enough, which is a shame because I love your tones. From now one, I will name you Steve, in honor of Steve Vai's wah sound.

And Pink Verb. I bought you so long ago, and use you so little. No more! When I get my new amp, you will see countless hours of use, as a reverb and as an overdrive. You are born again as Sasha. Ah sasha, you take up so much room on my pedalboard.
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naming inanimate objects is a little creepy.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
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naming inanimate objects is a little creepy.


A guitar is a bit more personal than an amp or a pedal, because your hands are all up and down it. With a pedal, you stomp on it (domestic violence) and with an amp, you pretty much just twiddle the knobs (sexual harrassment).
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Greg what did you send me??
My guitar is called 'Bitch' and my amp is called '*****', I hate both of them.
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